08 December 2007

Corn Furnace Day Two

Well here's the furnace in it's new home. It's just sitting there now unattached because we don't have our bin that we purchased yet. The guy we bought it from called this morning and he still hasn't heard anything about it. They had sent it in to have some parts replaced so hopefully it will be a decent bin for quite awhile even though we bought it used. Now that I'm looking at that picture I wonder how close that is to the wedding tree... Not that I can do anything about it now.

Here's the new insert in the furnace. As you can see it still needs to be wired up. When they left yesterday afternoon they said they had a couple more hours of work left that they would finish when they came to tie the bin in.

Isn't all the new copper pretty?

Here's where it enters into the water heater.

On an unrelated subject it's now final. We are having the Brinkman Christmas this year. My Uncle Mark's family were the only ones not able to make it so we will have 33 people total. Our biggest party yet! So this afternoon we are headed out to Osage to the Mennonite Bulk Food Store to buy candy making supplies. And then up to Stacyville to visit the grandparents.


sugarcreekfarm said...

What? Tim's going to buy something at the Mennonite store? (Hee hee, just giving him a hard time :)

sugarcreekfarm said...

Here's a little eye candy for your Tuesday morning:


How was the movie?

karl said...

i like the looks of newly installed copper. we have lots of similar heaters going in around here. they usually burn wood. the ozarks are mostly wooded.

i hope it pleases you when it's working correctly.