11 May 2006

It's a Girl!

Molly Sue Newton was born at 6:48 on Saturday, May 6, 2006. She weighed 7.5 lbs and was 20.5 in. long.

She's a very easy going baby who loves to cuddle. And as you can see from the number of pictures where Tim is holding her, she's already has dad wrapped around her little finger.

05 May 2006

Wright's Park Inn Up-date

Instead of working on the yard last night like we should have Tim and I rented a movie and read the paper. Here's an up-date on the Park Inn that I caught.

Wright On The Park gives progress report on hotel restoration efforts

And yes, still no baby (my due date was Tuesday).

04 May 2006

A Whole New Value

For me this Blog is a kind of entertainment. I don't feel pressured to write, even when I am actually pressured by friends and family to up-date. I write to track my own thoughts and progress through this "journey" we are taking.

Ok, and even though it's really weird, I like being noticed in places like the grocery store. I enjoy having complete strangers come up and comment on things like wall paper choice. The house has been a lot of work and I'm darn proud of it. And I guess it really is one of my favorite subjects to talk about.

But today I've stumbled across a whole new valuation of the house that makes me feel kind of guilty (thanks for the link Hillsdale House). It's called BlogShares and it's a fake internet trading kind of deal for blogs. My blog is on there and I actually have an "investor." The investor owns 25% of the blog which even though it's fake kind of creeps me out. What makes me feel guilty is how much the graphs on this page show that I've been neglecting the blog.

So yes, friends and family members I can shrug off, but show me a graph and I freak out.