30 August 2007

Golden Birthday

Today is my golden birthday. Guess how old I am :)

So I thought I would share my beautiful gift from Tim with you all.

New tip for my fellow remodelers out there. When you hang your light fixture make sure you give enough clearance in case you are ever the recipient of a ridiculously huge bouquet of flowers.

Toilet pictures next time I promise!

23 August 2007

Meet Elsa Jean

Sorry it's taken awhile to get this post off, but things are pretty busy around here even though we technically aren't even doing anything.

I'm trying to get a schedule going, which is made more difficult by the fact that Tim has taken another job. He's now going to be running the privet pilot operations at the Waterloo airport. It will move him from second to first shift. Which wouldn't be such a hard transition if we could just do it, but he had the week we had Elsa off and ran a first shift schedule and then transitioned back to second. Now this week he has off at Deere and he's working the airport job and then next week he'll go back to Deere to finish his final week. -sigh- It wears me out just to type it.

So down to business.

Here's Miss Elsa two days ago. She's a very sweet baby. Much easier than Molly who had colic so bad. The only problem is while she is sweet tempered she is also VERY clingy. And she is definitely a mommas girl. That and her constantly wanting to eat. She completely freaks out if you don't feed her every two hours and she when she finally eats she just kind of munches along not really that into it. So it takes at least a half hour to feed her if not more. I am breast feeding so I am spending 1/4 of my life feeding her. Which drives a busy body like my self nuts.

Here she is on the day she was born. I can't believe we got this shot. Molly was only that close to her for about five seconds. Long enough to decide she wanted nothing to do with this thing with the silly bow on it's head. She's doing much better now. In fact she now can say Elsa and is the first thing she says when she gets up. And then she's not happy until we've found Elsa and make sue she's OK. After that she pretty well ignores her, we'll unless Grandma or Grandpa have her. Then we get a major case of the jealousies.

Here's the big sister yesterday. She was all wrapped up in her blanket trying to get my shoes on. Definitely a girlie-girl.

P.S. Tim did get the toilet in so expect a post on that soon!