07 December 2007

Corn Furnace Day One

So yesterday morning the plumbing contractors showed up to start work on the corn furnace. Yesterday Tim also read that corn is supposed to get up to $5. -sigh-

This is them digging the trench. The dug from the back of the house where the pad sits over to the north side and into the plywood we have up over the old coal chute. This chute has proven to be quite handy and we've ended up using it as an inlet to the house many times now. Good thing we didn't get around to landscaping that side of the house last spring, huh?

Here's the pad this morning before the arrived. Ignore the gray thing in the foreground. It's just the table saw that died on us a year ago (I know, it's white trashy).

And here's the new corn furnace. It's green. I wanted gray, but since Tim has become manic about getting this project done he pretty much stopped consulting me on anything about it. I had to take a picture though because isn't the little trailer they have to haul it nifty. It's suspended on a cable in the center see?

As I was making lunch yesterday I was thinking to myself. I sure hope they don't try to pressure test the lines after they work with them. See we never had that done since we did the plumbing ourselves. And with our luck I picture them pressuring up and the whole house exploding in a giant fountain of water. Yeah, things are pretty good here at the Newton house and we're waiting for the next disaster to rear it's ugly head.

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