08 December 2007

Corn Furnace Day Two

Well here's the furnace in it's new home. It's just sitting there now unattached because we don't have our bin that we purchased yet. The guy we bought it from called this morning and he still hasn't heard anything about it. They had sent it in to have some parts replaced so hopefully it will be a decent bin for quite awhile even though we bought it used. Now that I'm looking at that picture I wonder how close that is to the wedding tree... Not that I can do anything about it now.

Here's the new insert in the furnace. As you can see it still needs to be wired up. When they left yesterday afternoon they said they had a couple more hours of work left that they would finish when they came to tie the bin in.

Isn't all the new copper pretty?

Here's where it enters into the water heater.

On an unrelated subject it's now final. We are having the Brinkman Christmas this year. My Uncle Mark's family were the only ones not able to make it so we will have 33 people total. Our biggest party yet! So this afternoon we are headed out to Osage to the Mennonite Bulk Food Store to buy candy making supplies. And then up to Stacyville to visit the grandparents.

07 December 2007

Corn Furnace Day One

So yesterday morning the plumbing contractors showed up to start work on the corn furnace. Yesterday Tim also read that corn is supposed to get up to $5. -sigh-

This is them digging the trench. The dug from the back of the house where the pad sits over to the north side and into the plywood we have up over the old coal chute. This chute has proven to be quite handy and we've ended up using it as an inlet to the house many times now. Good thing we didn't get around to landscaping that side of the house last spring, huh?

Here's the pad this morning before the arrived. Ignore the gray thing in the foreground. It's just the table saw that died on us a year ago (I know, it's white trashy).

And here's the new corn furnace. It's green. I wanted gray, but since Tim has become manic about getting this project done he pretty much stopped consulting me on anything about it. I had to take a picture though because isn't the little trailer they have to haul it nifty. It's suspended on a cable in the center see?

As I was making lunch yesterday I was thinking to myself. I sure hope they don't try to pressure test the lines after they work with them. See we never had that done since we did the plumbing ourselves. And with our luck I picture them pressuring up and the whole house exploding in a giant fountain of water. Yeah, things are pretty good here at the Newton house and we're waiting for the next disaster to rear it's ugly head.

03 December 2007


Elsa at 4 months with Mr. Bear her tasty new friend

Tonight we had Elsa's four month appointment so we left Molly with my mom. Elsa was going to get shots, and Molly can be a little protective when it comes to her baby sister so we decided this was the best plan of action.

Well on the way there I noticed something fall from Tim's lap out of the corner of my eye. It was Molly's blanket. The one thing she can't possibly live without. Yes, that's over exaggerating, but try to tell that to her. So I called Mom and told her where to find the back up blanket once she got to our house.

Molly check out one of the few Christmas decorations I have up so far...

With that deer-in-the-headlights, caught-red-handed look

When we got back to Mom's that night she said that when they turned the corner and headed north to our house Molly saw the lights and said, "Home." Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? Neither Tim nor I had heard her say the word before. So it was great when we pulled up and Tim went to get her out of the car seat and she opened her tired eyes and gently said again, "Home."

01 December 2007

Dear Santa- 2007's Wish List

Sugar Creek Farm 2008 Calandar,

White Christmas Tree,

Bradbury and Bradbury Wallpaper,

Oh and this house and furniture for the girls (ok, ok, and me) and maybe the farm to go with it.

Hey, I've been a pretty good girl this year so I can expect a lot right?