05 November 2008

Photos of the House From Last Post

The red line in the above photo represents where a three story tower used to be. I've seen a picture of this and it was beautiful. At the JC hall they have a then and now photo album of some of Greene's older homes. I need to see if I can borrow it because it would be neat to share with you all.

Unfortunately she won't have the money to replace the tower. Definitely know how that goes (check out four paragraphs down in June's journal, the two story porch -and ignore the raving about the roofer- I was very wrong).

Here you can see where she was working the day I stopped. This new roof line was originally a flat roof, and the interior ceiling was hard to gage (since it was gone), but probably not over six and a half foot. I think it is a nice addition to the house, kind of balancing out the taller front with the shorter back.

Now that my camera is back if I drive by and she is working maybe I'll see if I can bother her for a few interior shots.