24 May 2008

Waterbury House


Now this is what I like to see in on-line real estate. Pictures! This is the same company that had the 7 mile road house listed so I still don't understand why that house didn't have a photo gallery like this.

This house was up for sale a couple of years ago and I really wanted to see it then. Lets say in a parallel universe I didn't have children (I refuse to send my children to Charles City to school, I can judge, I went there) and I didn't have this strong adversion to living in town . This would be my house. I love it. LOVE it. But I couldn't talk Tim into "wasting" the Realtors time. But would it really be a waste? Why couldn't I have a city and a country house? He doesn't say it but that is really what he is afraid of. We have a tendency to buy things we look at. Stupid commercial building.

So if any of you out there have mind bending control powers or voodoo or something like that point it at Tim and use them to convince him to take me to see the house this time. I'll take the camera, maybe I could even get away with the video camera. How cool would that be! And you know I would share the spoils with you all. Hey, that makes me think. I could take video of Tim doing something like picking his nose or scratching his bum and threaten to post it on YouTube unless he gives me an "alternative" video. Hehe! Sometimes it's good to be evil.

20 May 2008

A Silly Girlie Post

So I was catching up on my houseblog reading last night when I came upon a post on the Devil Queen about housebloggers who blog no more (don't be giving this blog that look, yes I know I am one of those he's talking about). It was about this guy who is giving up remodeling because he is going to become a male model. Of course I have to check that out, because I happen to like good looking men. And if this good looking man is doing remodeling work I might have to pick up this here ream of paper to fan myself a bit. My!

So I click on the link and before the page has a chance to load (I have dial up) Tim comes in from mowing. I reluctantly gave up on waiting to go spend time with my husband, who I married because he is so good looking and does remodeling work for me. So really it wasn't a loss.

But now today I get the page loaded and guess who he has on his blog roll??? Little old me. A male model finds the print version of myself interesting! I'm all tittering and blushing alone in my computer room. Man, I wish I had combed my hair this morning!

And so you don't think I'm completely shallow I'm starting with his first post and reading in chronological order, not trolling for pictures like I really want to, hehe. I must say so far it is a very good read, I'm sorry to have found it so late, and that he won't be posting any more.

And if he gets a chance away from that new exciting life to read this little old post I must say even though I don't have any idea what you look like you will still be my go to guy for all modeling jobs here at the farmhouse. Who knows I could be secretly writing one of those sultry women's romance novels. Yes, I could be, you don't really know what I'm doing with the time I'm not blogging anymore. And I could need a male model to photograph for the front cover. I can see it now, "The Farm Wife's Secret" or maybe "Love In The Time Of Remodeling".

His blog is: Nate's Fargo Fixer-Upper .