22 September 2008

This Contractor Respects Nap Time

Today the roofers came and patched in all the places where the shingles have blown off since last time they were at the house.

I was in the back of the house when I heard them start up. I headed outside to make sure they had found the shingles in the barn. When I said I had just heard them Lucas said he had been here awhile with the lift. He had slowed way down before getting to the house because he figured the girls were napping.

How's that for service? I know you're jealous aren't you.

08 September 2008

My Silly Silly Husband

So last weekend we are in the car going some where and Tim and I are talking about the Corn Palace (I don't remember how we got on that topic). I asked, "Do you think they put new cobs on every year?" And Tim replies in a slightly deeper voice, "Would you be interested in purchasing vinyl siding with realistic corn grain?"

hee hee