29 March 2008

Trees Forever

Our town sells trees and other landscaping plants at very reduced rates every spring. It is wonderful!

Our first year participating we bought all of our windbreak trees. Our second year we replaced trees that got flooded out and bought a couple of crab apples for the front lawn. Oh, and a willow tree that Tim mowed over like a month after we planted it. Our third year we bought a maple and some bushes for landscaping around the house a long with a replacement for one of the crab apples.

This year I am getting fruit. I wanted so much more but I went a little crazy and spent $65 dollars. Hey, you can't eat crab apples so I don't think that's money wasted. I got 8 rhubarb plants (I love rhubarb), 8 raspberries and 8 black berries, and 4 each of a concord grape and then another type more suitable for eating off the vine.

Why do I love this program? Because for what I pay for these plants if they die I don't have major guilt.

26 March 2008

New And Improved Cute Little Farm House...

Now With Door Bell.

Yes, that's right, we you visit us you can now ring the doorbell and we will answer if home. Well, if we are home and want to see you that is. Just kidding!

Yes, it's been a hardship not having a doorbell in a house that is 3x as long as many of the houses around here. More than once I've been up in the laundry room and caught the glimpse of a car driving out of the drive way. Which is a disappointment. Though, if I was logical about it I would realize that the car was probably a vacuum salesman or something. Everyone we know knows the door bell doesn't work and walks right in and yells up the stairs.

The actual door bells and wiring have been installed for quite awhile now. The problem was I couldn't find a door bell I liked. I was briefly excited when Rejuvenation came out with door bells, but none of them really tipped my trigger either. So I asked the electrician if we could just install the insides of one and I'd build a box to go over it (You should have seen the face of my electrician when I was telling him this, you could tell he was thinking, "I sure am glad I'm not married to you!"). Which he did. So now I just have to go see my step-dad about getting something made. He has a woodworking shop and a carving machine that I think I might use. Although it might take me a while to decided on a pattern!

Along with the doorbell we now have the downstairs bathroom, dining room, and all the upstairs wired. They even put the fan and ceiling fixture in the downstairs bathroom for me. They offered to put the wall sconce in too, but I explained to him that I hadn't found one I liked. And at this point I think his wife owes me for showing how difficult "some women" can be.

23 March 2008

My New Blog

I've decided to start a new blog for my non-houseblog related musings.

Beyond the Cute Little Farm House