30 August 2006

A Birthday Present

Today is my birthday and so far I've spent it catching up on three months of reading on my favorite houseblogs. Wow has a lot happened, and I've still got to make it the rest of the way through Foxcroft, Petch House, Enon Hall, and The Devil Queen.

It's amazing how much can change in such a short time. It makes me feel kind of bad because the focus at our house has changed so drastically. For example: the last few years all I've wanted for birthdays is for a house project to be finished or some sort of house accessory. And now this year I'm finding that my wishes have changed drastically.

Yes, this year I would like poop. And not, just any old poop. See, Molly has been constipated for the last four days and you can tell she just hurts. She's just so sad. I've been dumping Milk of Magnesia down her, but so far it hasn't made much difference. I'm so tempted to break out the big guns (supositories) just to give her (and me) a little relief.

Happy Molly a week ago- before the lack of poop.