01 December 2007

Dear Santa- 2007's Wish List

Sugar Creek Farm 2008 Calandar,

White Christmas Tree,

Bradbury and Bradbury Wallpaper,

Oh and this house and furniture for the girls (ok, ok, and me) and maybe the farm to go with it.

Hey, I've been a pretty good girl this year so I can expect a lot right?


Henrietta said...

My calendar arrived yesterday and I really like it, I am mystified about the picture of a pile of rotting pumpkins though.

sugarcreekfarm said...

Henrietta - it's so cool to find out who's ordering the calendars :) Your comment about the pumpkins made me chuckle - interesting how different people see different things in a picture. I never even thought about them being rotten. I loved all the shades of orange and red in them. We get them from a local pumpkin farm. For us they're a natural wormer for the pigs & cows, and the bonus is that they're free! A beautiful thing :) Glad you like the calendar!