20 May 2007

Another Weekend of Landscaping

Yesterday afternoon we headed out after lunch to the local farm center because mulch was on sale there for the same price we've seen it at the big box stores. We lucked out even farther because they had some ripped bags that they gave us for 25% off. Unfortunately since we sold the truck we had taken the old red Taurus and could only fit nine bags in.

After that we headed to Osage to the Happy Acres nursery where we used our Christmas gift certificate from Tim's folks and learned that $100 doesn't go as far as you think it would towards plants.

This afternoon we headed out and as of 2:30 had all of the mulch we had bought put down. So Tim has now hopped back into the Taurus and is on his way back to the farm center for another load of mulch. He should be able to come back with a few more bags since he doesn't have Molly and I taking up space.

Here are some shots of the plants we bought, and notice we actually compromised:

from left to right- a dwarf lilac (Tim's choice), clematis (my choice, Tim's color), spirea (kind of my choice, kind of his choice- i.e. neither one of us loved but decided to give it a try), and a corenoester (my choice).
So I had better wrap this posting up because he will be back soon.


Doug said...

Man - you guys have been busy! Can Em and I come and visit next weekend?

-D :)

Becky said...

Yes- please. But I require shrubbery (hehe).

Doug said...

Would hastas work for you? I have a million of those! :)