18 May 2007

And The Mystery Plant Is...

Sideshow Bob aka Robert Terwilliger from the Simpsons!
Kelli is that who you meant? Not that you win anything, well I guess my respect, and that's pretty hard to get if you note the post a few days ago.

My mom is a third grade teacher and she was telling me that a few weeks ago she asked her students how many of them laid on the ground and watched the clouds to see what shapes they'd make. She said hardly any of them raised their hands. Now isn't that sad. I used to do it all the time. I bet most of us housebloggers have or else how would be be able to look at these houses and see the future.

Totally unrelated, but exciting... Tim and I are headed to Osage tomorrow to the nursery to pick out some landscaping plants with the gift certificate we got for Christmas. Wish us luck!

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sugarcreekfarm said...

See this picture:


I can't believe that's who we both thought of. Great(?) minds think alike, as they say :)