21 May 2007

Houseblogging- Dangerous to the Wallet

So not only have I not really posted since Molly was born, I hadn't really read the post of my favorite bloggers either. So I am trying desperately to catch up on their lives (note: only 56 more pages w/20 entries per page -sigh-). And to make matters worse since I have dial up and it takes forever for a page to load I'm searching some of the "new" blogs. I just found Bare Hill Barn House, and am excited to start that one because as a little girl I always thought it would be cool to fix an old barn up into a house.

On page 56 I came across an entry by Kristin at 1902 Victorian: Criminal for Hire. WHY!!! Why must I learn things like this exist? Why must I have such excellent taste? Why don't I have a money tree? Why, why, why?

I know I haven't gotten around to posting the progress on the downstairs bathroom, but our next step is finding a toilet.

Isn't it beautiful!

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~liz said...

yes! i absolutely LOVE the detail on the bowl of that toilet!
i found your blog through sugar creek's and i love houseblogs! we have an old victorian farmhouse and fortunately it's fairly well intact. we really only have to paint. and we'll eventually add a big country front porch as their "update" to a covered stoop just doesn't quite do it for me. and the shutter around the windows...i want to go back to woodwork instead of shutters.
ahhhh. someday. i love to dream! :)