16 October 2007

Slightly Cleaner Dining Room

Looking a little cleaner, right? Last night Tim took down the baby gate (the tile backer board screwed into the above doorway), not to worry the play kitchen set is on the other side blocking access. Still it's weird to have a view into the mess from the kitchen. Maybe this will motivate me further. He did this to fix a piece of tape that was coming up so it will be a few days of sanding and patching before painting takes place.

The good news is Tim did know where the paint was. I was just over looking it in the mess of the library. The primer was with it.

And for those of you wondering what that piece of furniture you can only see a corner of is...

It's and old cupboard out of one of the local schools. My mom's neighbor had it sitting outside the house with a free for the taking sign. I was going to use it in the downstairs bathroom as storage, but it's just the height where it hit exactly where the chair rail tile sticks out. So it would look a little funny. So instead I'm thinking of using it on one of the dining room walls. I can store some of my dishes in there. I have a few sets ;) and as you can see I'm quickly filling up the built-in cupboard.

So where did all of the stuff go...

The already packed library of course. Things will get better when the dining room is finished. The trim piled in the middle there is for the dining room, and under that trim is a table and four chairs.

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