25 July 2007

Is Privacy Over Rated?

So I was catching up on some blogs and I noticed Greg over at the Perch house put a "deadbolt type lock" on his bathroom door. That got me thinking. Should I have locks on my bathroom doors? People who have visited is that a concern? Did you leave saying to yourself, "Gee, I'm going to remember to use the bathroom before I get to her house next time." Just the thought of this leaves me slightly panicked and embarrassed. What would Martha say?

I grew up in a farm house with one bathroom that was directly off the kitchen. I remember brushing my teeth in front of company, and it never even occurred to me to be embarrassed that someone might hear me pee. The door did kind of have a lock on it. A hook and ring sort of deal that was about six foot off the ground. Most of my time living there I wasn't tall enough to even reach it.

So in the spirit of democracy here's a poll for everyone out there with a burning desire to make your opinion known (i.e. the four people who still read the blog since I've stopped posting so often: Doug, Em, my mother, and my crazy sister Mary).

Do we need locks on our bathroom doors?
No, I'm a risk taking dare-devil.
Yes, I'm a nervous prude.
Don't care, just get the stinking down staris bathroom done so you have something better to blog about.
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Patricia W. said...

I like bathrooms that lock. They don't have to be anywhere near a deadbolt and just like you, growing up in an old farmhouse we had a hook/eye type lock.

Just living with my daughter it's not a big deal but if I were a guest I might want it to lock. Now that I think of it though I don't think I lock bathroom doors much....even in other peoples homes.

I guess I'd say most bathroom doors are left open. If they are shut, knock. I always knock before I try the knob on a closed bathroom door :)

iloveupstate.com said...

We always keep our bathroom doors closed - even when not in use. I lock it when I'm in there and there's company over.

Doug said...

I feel so cool to be mentioned on your blog!!! :)

Carla said...

Bathroom locks are great when there are children involved. More often than not, the door is just left open, cuz the little buggers will just come in anyway. But for those days when they open the door with their friends standing behind them to see me sitting on the toilet..... yeah, locks are good.

John said...

I have to second Carla. We had a lot of friends and family over, and my three years old son led a group of kids into the bathroom during a game of chase. I was using the facilities, and, while I wasn't too embaressed, the 15 year old girl cousin was.

Besides, if you need a few momements of privacy for any reason, the bathroom is one of the only rooms that it is socially acceptable to lock yourself in for a while. Just a thought.