19 July 2007

7 Wonders of the Newton Home

OK, seems like there's been a lot of hype about the new 7 wonders of the world. So we here at the Newton house would like to submit our own for your enjoyment. Alas, like some of the world's original 7 wonders, some of them have not survived the renovation, but they still live on in our hearts.

#7- The 3-holer out house. Yes, you and two of your closest friends can share the joy of the call of nature together. Pass the Sears catalog please.

#6- The mysterious locked freezer. Which became less mysterious when we discovered weeks later it was not really locked, but we were to stupid to figure out how to open it.

#5- The 52 ft. high roof peak. I don't know what the requirements are for one of those rotating beacons, but my ego says the house should need one. The story behind our insanely pitched roof is supposedly this: The farmer who built our house was in competition with the farmer a half mile down the road. Every time one of the men put an addition on their house the carpenters just packed up and headed down the road because the other farmer would what something bigger and better. Well, our farmer discovered that the other guy was going to end up with a taller house so he calculated just what height it would take to beat him. This also explains why the north side of the roof was built to look like it is caving in. Since if a pyramid's height grows so must it's base the roof had to be dented in a some point to make up for lack of space where the house meets the roof.

#4- Our "first" toilet, the toilet in the master bathroom. Ask anyone who's restored a house what a civilizing moment having a toilet in the house is. Especially if you've had to use nature's facilities when working at the house for over a year.

#3- The light fixture above the kitchen sink is the only fixture original to the house, and it's even in its original place on the wall. Don't believe me, check out the kitchen photos from when we first saw the house.

#2- The mint green toilet on a sticky tile pedestal. What makes this even more spectacular is the fact the PO's plumbed it to empty directly into the crawl space below this section of the house.

#1- The industrial tile floor patters in the mudroom and laundry room. We have purchased some pretty pricey and unique items for this house and it seems like these two floors are what gets us the most praise.

Wow. Now that I'm reading over this post I've noticed 3 of the 7 wonders are toilet related. I must be a little more stressed out about the up coming baby and the lack of a toilet downstairs than I had realized. What would Freud say?

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