31 May 2007

Come Party With The Newtons

We had two parties this weekend. One Sunday night with some college friends and one Monday night with a bunch of Tim's relatives and family friends. Both parties we started by people inviting themselves over.

I have come to the realization that this is the only way that I will extend an invitation to others. Yes, you have to invite yourself. While it seems un-Emily Post it works for me because I have a slight perfectionist issue. I'm always telling myself I'll have a party as soon as I ______ (fill in blank). And as soon as the blank is filled another issue pops up that impedes partying. And while I was just a teeny bit stressed and unbearable on Saturday it was all worth it. We had a great weekend and afterwards commented that we should do this every weekend so the house stays clean and we are motivated to do house projects. So this is us inviting you to invite yourself over sometime, make sense :)

Tim was a saint this weekend* helping me clean out the disgusting back rooms that I haven't really set foot in since Molly was born. He even got some of the doors that were refinished back in March of 2006 up. Check these puppies out:

The door to the back stairwell in the mudroom

This door knob isn't original to the house. At the time we couldn't find the one that went here (if there was one- we are missing some). I must say I do like the black with the blue door so it might stay. It was from an old house Tim's aunt and uncle tore down last year.

The door to the back stairwell in the bead board room (notice how "off" it is at the top)
And last, but definitely not least the door from the hallway to Molly's room. Sorry for the bad picture, but I'm not taking any chances of waking a sleeping baby.

*but I don't know if it was enough to make up for the box of Volkswagen parts I found on the kitchen table when I got home this afternoon.

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