14 May 2007

Another Step Towards Lowering Our Heating Bills

Tim did do quite a few other things this weekend besides bring the wrath of Becky down on his head. Like install these two storm windows we got from the lumber yard a couple of months ago. I'm not sure what company they are, Tim made that trip with out me. But it is a different one than the windows, but unless you get really close the colors match up pretty decent. Here's the living room window:I noticed while taking these pictures that now the bar separating the smaller and larger panes of glass sticks out like a sore thumb being the lighter paint color. Luckily these storms swing out so I will be able to remedy this problem along with clean the interior of the glass.

Here's the foyer window. The other day when I pulled up into the drive I noticed how ugly the back of the sofa looks in the window. I really need to get something figured out curtain-wise because for some reason one of my biggest pet peeves is the back of a sofa showing in a picture window. There's this house in a near by town that we pass each time we go for a pregnancy check-up that has this same problem and it's like nails on a chalk board to me.

The only problem is I can't pick out curtains with out knowing what color my wall paper is going to be. And wallpapering the foyer is now just a distant unattainable memory since I've quit.

But I hope you all had a good mother's day. Ours was pretty low key. I worked on catching up on some of my favorite blogs and cleaned the downstairs, I had good help though :)

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Mandi said...

I love big windows like that. They let in so much light, I love it!

Miss Molly is adorable!! You need to start a side blog for your family life so we can see more of your pretty girl. :D