15 January 2006

I'm in Love

With my new cement board siding.

In the above picture you can see the old and new siding. Which is which you ask. Would you believe it's this hard to tell in real life too? Honest.

The right hand side is the new cement board and the left hand side is the old cedar.

We've got another great carpenter working with Dale on putting the stuff up for us. I don't know what we've done lately. Maybe it's the bad run of luck we've had in other areas of life, but we've had amazing carpenter karma. Actually it all started when I got pregnant. Is that the secret? People do say I'm glowing. Or has it just gotten around town that I'm pregnant, married to an unemployed guy, and living in, as Greg would say, a fuculent hell hole. Do I invoke pity? Hell! Does it matter?

On another note the picture above shows a little surprise we uncovered. The two different colors of wood shows where they raised the roof of the original house at some point.


Kristin said...

Whoa - you're pregnant?! How did I miss this?


KatKit13 said...

Awesome on the extended historical knowledge. I'm sure this house will continually keep you in 'surprises'.

Hope you're feeling well

Anonymous said...

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