18 January 2006

Life in General

So I guess readers would like an up-date on not only the house but life in general.

I am feeling much better. My energy level, while not quite up to the usual Becky standards, is such that I now get out of bed at least a few hours before having to go to work. And I haven't had a bout of morning sickness for three weeks now. Yea!
We had an ultra sound at the beginning of the month and that was really neat. The baby wasn't as excited as we were because at the beginning it yawned, stuck its thumb in its mouth, and flipped its legs over its head for a little R&R.
I would post pictures of the nursery, but we don't actually have any nursery items yet. I really need to take a hint from the early appearance of Grace over at HIP and get my butt in gear.

Tim is doing well also. With the help of a wonderful doctor up at the Mayo clinic he was able to get his third class medical back as of last Friday. This means he can fly "privately" i.e. not for hire. I know it's not what he had hoped for, but everyone can't help but notice what a better mood he is in. Plus this doctor is also working to get him a special issuance of a second class medical i.e. fly for hire for smaller companies. If he gets it he would be the first in the country. The doctor thinks his changes are good, just that it might take a few tries. But his health has been outstanding. He's never had a low blood sugar episode and his long term sugar level is better than most healthy adults.
He currently braving the world of finding a job. In his entire career he's never had to apply or interview for a position, he had such a great reputation in the local flying community. So that whole process has been kind of a shock to him.

My car broke down a couple of days ago and got taken in for repairs. I discovered yesterday it has my camera charger in it so you'll have to be patient, and I'll get some pictures up of the pantry. Dale got the doors up and the knobs are in process. And I of course spent all weekend cramming them full of stuff.
In other exciting house news our living room wall paper is in. And guess what Mary (my sister the German major), it's German! Unfortunately it's quite a bit lighter than we had remembered too. But as my mother-in-law pointed out, it's going to be a dark room with the wrap around porch blocking all the windows so we will probably come to appreciate its light color.

So thank you everyone who has thought of us. I promise to try and be a better blogger. At least until the dirty diapers start.


Anonymous said...

mmmmmm, ami's. Achtung!
Tee hee hee. How did you get a hold of German wall paper?

Mandi said...

Just curious... when are you due? Are you far enough along to find out the sex of the baby? I'm very excited for you both!! Thanks for the updates. :o)

Anonymous said...

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