27 August 2005

Waterloo Tour of Homes 2005

There were seven houses on this years tour. I've attached the photos and ranked them as my personal favorites (Tim does agree with my #1, however I'm sure his personal ranking differs from mine).

#7: This house had the most amazing garden! A couple of months ago I became strangely fascinated with trumpet vines. This man's garden had this amazing trellis with a really beauty busting with bright red flowers. And the hydrangeas... to dye for.

#6: This home is new construction. The great thing about it is the contractor used smooth Hardie Board siding. We had not gotten a chance to see the smooth stuff in living color yet. I must say I was very impressed with the siding portion of it. The scallops, trim boards, and soffets left something to be desired in my opinion.

#5: This house had amazing antiques. But what sticks out in my mind was the great storage they had built up on the third floor. Three rows of shelves. Oh the stuff I could collect!

#4: What caught our eye in this house was the use of limestone in the landscaping. I wish my camera was working because they had the most beautiful half moon of limestone surrounding a fountain and tree. Exactly like what I want to do outside of the master bathroom window.

#3: This home is currently for sale. Unfortunatly the listing page has NO photos of the interior. The tile work in the place was amazing. Even the ceilings were tiled in the kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen also had this great tiled breakfast nook. Something I had never seen before were the tile covers for the heaters and cold air returns in these rooms. Also the shower had vented tiles!

#2: This house was massive. I was completely turned around during the entire tour. The mural in the dining room was amazing and the kitchen had the old cabinets along with the old marble countertop at the pass-thru to the dining room. Hands down the most beautiful woodwork on the tour.

#1: What a great project! Highlight of this place. The concrete countertops! Also the master bathroom was painted the same purple as ours. Except for they had this amazing slate shower that as Tim put it in front of the older ladies in the room with us, "Was built for group showers."

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