29 August 2005

From Sloth to Envy

Last night we attended a house-warming/birthday party at the home of some college friends. A good time was had by all, but I was definitely feeling a little green-eyed monsterish because:

A: Small children were able to attend the party and not worry about having a nail in their foot or a power tool related injury. In fact, the greatest danger to the children was our husbands who decided that it would be fun to play keep-away/dodge ball with a two year old and a large rubber ball. Luckily the only casualty was Tim's new glasses.

B: We moved in first. Shouldn't we have the house warming party first? I know, I know, they were never with out actual walls in their house. Still it feels wrong that we are not at the stage where we can entertain friends and family after almost three years.

On a positive note my sister returns from Germany tomorrow, with the camera charger. So soon I should have pictures of the beautiful buttery-colored kitchen woodwork Tim has been working so hard on.


Em said...

Soon you can have your own party, Becky, and everyone can be together again! (minus the big blue ball) Remember you can fit 4 of my house into 1 of yours!

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