18 August 2005

Tim was telling me about his day before leaving for work this morning.

Yesterday afternoon Tom, Tim's brother, came over to help shovel hay out of the barn. Tim was saying how suprised he was that they weren't finding any rats or mice living in the hay. I jokingly replied that they were afraid to go up there becasue they might fall though.

"Oh that reminds me." Tim said. "I had a little accident." He said at one point he started falling though the floor, "It all seemed to happen really slowly." So he figured he'd just fall forward to stop himself. So he threw his pitch fork and went to catch himself with his hands. Only problem is his hands went through the floor too. "At that point I thought, crap I'm dead." Lucky for him there was a post in between his legs and arms so the rest of his body was supported.

I guess shoveling work is now on hold too. The hay pile has reached the point where it covers the window they are pitching it out off. Unfortuantly we had a heavy rain last night so now we have to wait to burn the pile. That doesn't hurt my feelingins. I'd rather wait until the crop is out of the field and push it all out there and burn it away from the barn.


Trissa said...

Yikes- I'm glad that post was there to keep him from falling. I don't think that would have cured me much from my fear of heights!

Anonymous said...

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