16 August 2005

Here a Quilt, There a Quilt

While Katkit13's idea of a quilt over the new bed is lovely. I don't think that's the route I want to go. See my mom's hobby is quilting and she is amazing. But we have amassed quite a collection in the master bedroom already. I'm just looking for a little some thing different.
This is the view across from the bed.

She made this one for us for Christmas 2002. Tim picked out fabric and I chose the pattern.
The quilt on the left was done by a family friend of Tim's.

The quilt on the right was a wedding gift from mom.
She didn't make this quilt for us. But I loved the colors in it, so she gave it to us. It works beautifully in the big bedroom.
The wall hanging is a pattern created by my Aunt Carla. Another talented quilter in the family, who also designs patterns.

The quilt one the bed was a 4-H project done by yours truly.
This wall hanging was done by mom as last years birthday present to Tim. It hangs in his office. I think it matches great with all his airplane stuff because the pattern reminds me of propellers.


Steph said...

What beautiful quilts! Your mom is very talented! I'd go with a stained glass piece of something from the house that you frame to keep as memorabilia. Good luck with your decision and I can't wait to see the pictures when you decide what to put there.

KatKit13 said...

You're quilt rich. (awesome btw, my mom is on her 17th or 18th quilt - I love looking at them).

I did find a beautiful thing for above your bed - not sure if you like Eucalyptus but this one is a stunner and it was priced reasonably... (sorry, long link)


jenne said...

Those are beautiful quilts.
I just did a Mapquest, and you're 290 miles from us :( Otherwise I'd suggest we start going to frm sales together. Maybe someday we can find one in the middle :)

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