11 August 2005

This caught my eye in the September issue of Country Home. It is tile wainscot. We had planned on using subway tile for the bathroom downstairs, but this is an intriguing new option.

I love the way it looks, but I worry that once I get it up it will look to modern for my tastes.

I visited the web site in the magazine, http://www.klaffs.com/, but couldn't find any information on this specific tile type. The blurb in the magazine says it's $92 for the three tile section (8 in. wide x 45 in. tall).


Lori said...

Try looking at Hasting Tile & II Bagno Collection. The Cermiche Grazia Boiserie series is a matte-glazed ceramic beadboard wainscoting. You can see it at www.hastingstilebath.com. I think is't very classy looking but probably very expensive.

The Polom House Bed & Breakfast said...

As a beginning "home restorer" I find the work you have done in your home inspiring! I just read through all of your back journals from your website and it is beautiful what you have been able to accomplish. When we bought our home most of the structural work had been finished except the center chimney, so our main goal is to cosmetically restore the inside of the house. I am anxious to see more finished pictures of the rest of the house. My only question is how do you find time to do all you have been able to do? :)