01 August 2005

Little Sister House

My dad found this house. He calls it the little sister to ours because of the funny roof lines. It was an exciting find because this house has the exact same trim under the eaves as our house so we asked the owners and were able to take some pieces to replace some areas that were missing on our house.

Two years ago when we did this you could still comfortably walk through the house. Now all of the windows are broken out and there are many spongy places when you walk. This time I was not even comfortable going upstairs to photograph the rooms up there.

If we had known this house had existed before buying ours this one might have been a better choice. It is half way between were we work instead of minutes from where I work and a hour from where Tim works. Plus the acreage is much nicer. The out building are in much nicer shape, and it still has its grove and other mature trees (a lovely apple greets you at the front of the drive).

the west side of the house

the east side of the house

north-east side of the house

north-west side of the house

roof lines on the east side of the house

the barn

the front door of the house

The following pictures were taken standing just inside the front door

right in front of you when you enter is the house's main stair

the floor in front of the stairs is thin maple strips in a radiating pattern

this is the room to your left which appears to be the most muddled of all of them

what would have been the dining room is to the right

it has this great beadboard pantry (the kitchen is through the door next to it)

on the wall next to the pantry was this little wall nook

Next I went into the kitchen through the door in the little addition on the east side of the house.

doorway to the kitchen (the cellar stairs are next to it)

the cabinets are the other side of the set in the dining room

here's a close up of the doorway straight a head
There's a room that's kind of a little hall under the main stairs and it leads into another little room. I would guess that at sometime that little room and the muddled front room were divided.

To my right when I enter the kitchen is two little rooms,

one that looks like it was being used as a laundry room

and this little bathroom

after these is the back servants stairs

and then this long narrow room with the great beadboard

The reason I don't feel to bad about how things ended up is the floor plan to this place is a mess.
The second floor is split in two. You cannot enter the "main" rooms of the upstairs from the servants area. No problem what so ever with our place. It is set up perfectly for how we live. We couldn't have designed it better ourselves.

Oh and by the way I found this lovely flowered bush growing into the house. Does anyone have any idea what it might be?


Sam said...

I believe this is a trumpet vine. We had one when I was little, and they are great at attracting hummingbirds. I'm not sure how easy they are to start, but they grow pretty wild.

sugarcreekfarm said...

I love pictures of old houses like this, and then again they make me sad. If I ever won the lottery (which is difficult when you don't play it) that's what I would do. Quit my job and go rescue old beauties like this.

Janette said...

It is a trumpet vine. Our neighbor to the south has one...maybe some night we can go over and cut you a piece to start your own :) (said with a mischevious smile on my face)

RPneighbor said...

It's so amazing all the details they used to put into homes- things now seem so vanilla in comparison.

KatKit13 said...

Yup, another one checking in with Trumpet vine. Hummers love them.

What a shame this beauty was let decay like this. The woodwork is/was stunning - and that floor... Oh I'd kill for that.

They should at least let an arch. salvage co come in and strip it. Someone could use it.

Patricia W said...

You said they let you take some of the trim. Are the owners just letting it go? If so, I might be interested in finding out more and possibly buying some of the windows and doors as the house I bought was completely pillaged by all who lived in it before me. It's a beauty and amazes me that so much of the original beauty was left as it was when it was built. Thanks for the pictures I love to look at them.

Jenne said...

that house has awesome trim inside! I wish my house had some that was left unpainted.
And the clawfoot tub is great! I could've bought one at an auction this weekend in Craig, NE..it went for 50 cents. But I didn't know how I would bring it home. :(

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