22 July 2005

Feng Shui Woodwork

We are having guests on Tuesday! A group of siblings who grew up in the house is coming to see the progress. I'm so excited. I love these visits, you always learn so much.

So in preparation for this we are trying to get some stuff in order. Last night while I was at work Tim surprised me by organizing all of the woodwork in the foyer.

This is pretty much what it's looked like for the past year.

Tim ended up just moving everything out to the porch and then all back in again. Here's a picture he took during the move.

The pieces are now arranged by room and Tim even found quite a few pieces we have been missing (like the window trim for the master bath).


Greg said...

Cool stair case. The paneling is great!

Jocelyn said...

That's a good little project. We did that with our kitchen labeled every window and doorway A, B, C, etc... It helped alot to know what pieces needed to be replaced etc...

and that is an awesome staircase

Anonymous said...

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