20 September 2009

Slow and Steady Wins the Race Right?

I won't post pictures. Just go back a post and imagine the same picture with out the boxes in the background. That's what I accomplished today. It doesn't seem like much visually, but if you break it down analytically it seems much more impressive. The following are no longer taking up space in the library...

  • 5 boxes of stuff burned
  • 1 large garbage bag on non-flammable garbage
  • 2 large boxes of books for the library book re-sale (next weekend - be there!)
  • 1 box keepsake items up to the closet to be put in appropriate boxes
  • 1 box office misc to the office to be put away
  • 13 boxes of keeper books to be stored in the back bedroom until the library can be turned from a play room unto a library

So I'd say half the stuff that was in there is now gone. I'm starting to get excited. I talked to the local flooring store to see if I could get carpet squares for the room, but I guess they don't do carpet squares anymore. He said to come see him about a remnant, but I hate to spend that much money on something that will only be in place for the next 10 years. When it becomes a library we want to refinish the wood floors.

Now I wish I had looked at toy organizers when I was at Target last night. But I think I'm going to end up disappointed because I have all these great plans for everything that's going to fit in the room. I have a desk, a children's size table and chairs, a four piece kitchen set, a wardrobe, three doll beds, a doll high chair, a toy airplane set, and the easel my mom plans to get them for Christmas to get in there. I'm starting to worry there won't be room for any toys once I get all the furniture in.


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Glad you're back!

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