02 April 2009

Cool Ways The National Trust Is Using Flickr

So I've been raising two kids lately and I can't seem to multi-task like I used to. That's my excuse for not knowing these two great photo montages were going at the National Trust For Historic Preservation's web site. Check them out for yourself and think about adding to them next time you are out and about.

This Place Matters- It looks like you are supposed to hold up a sign with these words next to a building that you think is important. I need to look at what they have already, but if they don't have the Park Inn (check out that new website too) I want to do that. And my house of course.

Reuse It!- Seems to be a green inititive to make people more aware of the fact that it is more environmentaly sound to reuse an old building than to build a new on. Rath Pack anyone.

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