24 March 2009

I'm A Giver

I think Etsy is just cool. Every time I see or hear something about it I go to the site and spend hours looking at stuff. And I tell myself, "Self, next time you have to give someone a gift use this site because the stuff rocks and it's super cool to support craftspeople." Unfortunately that little conversation I have gets lost in my brain space and to this day I have never ordered anything from the site.

After lunch today I was flipping through April's House Beautiful magazine and noticed they had a full spread of stuff from the website. Look at this (Tim the Tiny House Earrings are my favorite, you know just in case you were wondering)! And this! I love these but Tim would hate them. Maybe I could get away with a few in our bedroom, but that would suck because they are too cool not to be seen.

All I can say is Tim's outdoors man, manly man brother Tom better hope I don't get his name in the drawing this Christmas because he so needs this.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I hope you don't get Tom's name too...haha.. Those book shelves are cute! My mom wants to you order one so she can see how they stay up so she can make one...