18 August 2008

Bringing Home Some Bacon

I am now a librarian. OK, so just a part-time librarian. I start training ASAP. Tim seems to think this means I will have lessons on how to push my glasses way down to the tip of my nose and stare disapprovingly at people. Do you know what this means?

Money! Yes, since I quit my full time job money has been the limiting factor around here for accomplishing things. No money = no work on the house. But now with a little careful saving we can fix the broken shower head. We can find a faucet for the tub. We can make a toy room for the girls. We can DO things!


Em said...

Congratulations Becky! I am so happy you got the job as you sounded very excited about the possibility (and who doesn't love a library).

janette said...

Welcome to the best job you'll ever have!
No offense to the other professions of the world...but this one is awesome! I go back on Saturday...and can hardly wait - this is truly a job to love!

When I left my previous job for my librarian gig, my co-workers bought me a glasses chain and taught me how to wear my hair in a bun...staring disapprovingly will come in time, you can practice on your husband and children!

Mcnally said...

Woot! Congratulations. You will love it-I worked in a public library to get through college and to this day it's the best job I've ever had! (Hope this doesn't slow down your updating O.o)

Anonymous said...

Not only will the money help but also the adult interaction I'm sure. Very glad to hear you found it. Please email us or post some pictures of Ma and Pa Newton's new house project. We can't wait to see what it looks like and where it's located!
Ann Hart

janette said...

I need an update...I need to know if your library days (and nights) are as fun filled as mine! : )