08 April 2008

Seven Mile Road House

Seven Mile Road House

I've been driving by this house since before I could drive. It's been for sale now for awhile (I just keep forgetting to post about it). I think it is so beautiful. And it's set back far enough I don't think you'd notice you're on a fairly busy highway. I was all excited to look it up because I've always wondered what it might look like inside, but the realtor seems to think nature photos and bird tracks will sell the house better. I don't know how listing homes works, maybe they don't show inside shots if it's not vacant. Or maybe the inside is really, really hideous. But I can't really picture that because it's so well-kept on the outside.


BeccaMarie said...

Beautiful house! I'd buy it if I lived up there! Real estate must be low there...that house with all that land would be at leat $300,000here! And that's in not so great shape...if the inside's as nice a the outside, it'd be even more.

Henrietta said...

I don't know how you do it in Iowa but I expect a bit more information, room sizes etc. I mean does the 2300 sf mean the footprint or is it half of that and two floors? Can't tell from her listing.
Women realtors are generally better at taking photos that are meaningful in the 'buying a house context'. I work with a guy in SD who takes one picture of the front and one of the kitchen showing the refer. Which I have NEVER understood. Its a guy thing.

janette said...

If it's the house I'm thinking of...its one i've always loved too. (There are two houses on that side of the road that you cross bridges to get to, right?) I always thought it would be so cool to live back in there.

Becky said...

Janette- yes it's the one you're thinking of. The other one is newer and brown. I think I'm going to surf around at the other realtors in town and see if their on-line info is so poor.