30 January 2006

A Compromise for Price

Ok so this isn't the greatest photo in the world, but I've discovered it's very difficult to photograph light switches.

The electricians were here and everything is now wired except for a few upstairs bedrooms, the downstairs bath, and the dining room. The under the cabinet lighting is in and getting heavy use, and the radiant floor heat in the kitchen is defiantly a splurge I'm very please we went with. Yes, I now classify it as a need not a want.

Originally downstairs we had planned on going with the replica push button light switches. But as the bills piled higher and higher we realized that they were going to have to be a "later" installation.

So we talked and decided that this house would have probably had the plastic molded switch plates anyway. We asked our electrician if you could still purchase those, and of course you couldn't. However, he did have a bunch of boxes of them in storage that he hasn't been able to get rid of for years, and he'd give them to us for free. Yea!

He had enough to do the main rooms downstairs and the hallway upstairs. I think they turned out pretty decent. But I still dream of the day when I can push for lighting not flick.


sugarcreekfarm said...

The pushbutton switches are fun - and you wouldn't believe how many people can't figure them out. So they have entertainment value as well :)

Becky said...


People have a hard enough time with the old style door knobs we have that only turn one way.

Anonymous said...

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