08 August 2005

We Love our Electricians

Yes, we have the worlds greatest electricians. Thank goodness because Tim's only foray into the world of electrical ended with a bang (bang, get it?). However, I must say that they do cost a pretty penny. But I guess you get what you pay for holds true.

I got off the phone with them tonight after explaining that we had another third of the house ready to have the wiring wrapped up. Of course they could stop in for a few hours. But how soon do we need it done because this week is pretty full up. I said, goodness I was just hoping for by October. That got a chuckle out of them, but I wasn't kidding. I'm not worried, they have never not been here with in two weeks of me calling.

So I explain what we want done (smoke dectectors in the bedrooms, under the cabinet lighting, and outlets in the rest of the up-stairs), and how he can get into the house if we are gone. Yes, you read correctly. I trust these people in my house with all of my worldly possessions by themselves. No, love has not made me blind. I am the third generation to inherit these guys. My grandparents trusted them, my parents trust them, and my entire extended family trusts them, so how could I not.

I could go on for hours more about how lovely they are. But it's late and I don't want to bore you. I just wanted to say that you can have a positive experience with a contractor. All it takes is family and a lot of money.