30 August 2005

Trim Photo Up-date

Here's the window in the mudroom. It just needs nail holes filled and touch up paint.

Of course the rest of the room also needs its woodwork installed (see the door left of the window).

And I'm not expecting to get any more done this weekend since it's my weekend to work.
Here's the kitchen woodwork Tim has been painting. I think it still needs another coat.

The other night he made repairs to all of the kitchen headers so they are next on the painting assembly line.


Steph said...

It's looking great! It's so exciting to finsh a project in what seems like the never ending job of woodwork! We have 2 doors left in our kitchen and I can't wait until they are done!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you belated Hope you had a great day! Ann

Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read here