13 July 2005

Meet Our Barn

"Scooped the hay out of the barn," is Tim's reply of the last few nights when asked what he did that evening. So I decided this morning to head out there for a look see.

The pile was pretty impressive.

As I walked into the lower level of the barn I remembered how much this looks like a salvage shop. I am instantly depressed by the amount of stuff there is to contend with.I know Tim will want to get rid of some of it. Nooooooooo....

A shot of one of the pegs that hold this barn together. "Look ma, no nails."

Heading up the ladder to the haymow I am shocked by how much the roof had deteriorated in the last two years.

There were small holes in it at the time of purchase, but now we have big open sections in places. It's a reality check.

When I reach the haymow I am greeted with what I am assuming is Tim's weapon of choice.

Off to my right I can make out the area that has been cleared.

Here's a shot of the floor in an area where he has cleared.

Note to self: Forbid him to work up here unless I am home to rush him to the hospital.

So I carefully make my way over to the window that holds one of my favorite views of the house.

Wow, that back door looks crappy. We really need to get that painted!

I take one final look...

and head back down the ladder.


Greg said...

What a neat looking barn! How old is it? With the exception of the roof, it looks to be in pretty good shape.

What would be good, though, if you take requests, is a shot of the barn from the house so we can see the majestic beauty of the entire building.

Jocelyn said...

I can almost smell the hay from here...I guess the holes in the roof are bad- but they are offer an interesting view nonetheless.

Faster_Pussycat said...

I've just spent the morning reading your archives, soik!! It looks like you're nearing the home stretch, though, congratulations, and great job. I'm sure you know being in farm country that holes in the roof are the kiss of death for a barn, hopefully you can get a replacement roof on this year, otherwise, as with cars and rust, it might well be a lost cause. This weekend, i drove be a round barn - only one of 4 i've seen in my state - and the roof had caved since last year, it still looked solid, but 1 winter of snow and the rafters must have lost it. So sad. . . . Good luck!

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