22 May 2005

Pictures from the building

I forgot to charge the camera. I'm so mad at myself. So I only have pictures of the downstairs of the building.

The downstairs consists of two sides and a little addition at the back of the building.

The south side is currently rented out to a cell phone store.

The north side is a printing store.

boarded up skylight
this side was a dentist's office which explains the cubbies

The little addition in the back is currently part of the printing store, but it was once a public bathroom.

The apartments upstairs are exactly what I thought they would be. Lots of great old fixtures and hardware. Right now I'm surfing the next looking for grants and low interest loans and we're going to meet with the community revitalization committee sometime this week.

Saw Star Wars last night. It's been interesting to see the last two with my husband who never saw Episodes V&VI (or I). His major complaint was the ships weren't as cool as they were in the last one (pilot=one track mind). I tried to explain to him that they were trying to make them look more like the ones in the originals. He was still disappointed. But we both agreed it was a great movie. Now that the anticipation for that is over I can anxiously await the other movie I really want to see this summer- Madagascar.


Greg said...

Nice looking building. We have one in my downtown that looks very similar. How do you get a boarded up skylight on the first floor? Some of those ceilings looked low, but they had what looks like a tin ceiling on them. Is that original?

Becky said...

The skylight is in the back of the building. The building drop from a three story to a one story towards the back of the north section. The entire south section is three stories. I'm hoping if we get our act together we can go back soon to take some measurements and make a floor plan. When we do that I will post it and hopefully that will make things clearer.
Yes the tin is original. I guess we didn't measure the ceilings. They might look low in spots because some of the shots are from a balcony in the back of the north side, or from the basement on the north side which is finished.

Kristin said...

Ooooh, I love the tin ceilings! :)