23 May 2005

I'm doing just fine with out my soul thank you

The first thing I can remember my sister Mary saying when she saw the house is, "I'm not going in there it will eat my soul!" Ever since then I've been trying to make the house look less evil for her benefit. She's returning from Germany tomorrow so I need to step cleaning efforts up into high gear to get from this:

To this:


Greg said...

Oy! My house has moved beyond just being messy. I no longer have parlors and a dining room. They are called disaster areas 1, 2, & 3. Most of this is because of the big kitchen make-over. I also still haven’t recovered from the big 2 story addition removal project I did over the winter. I still have doors windows and assorted lumber from that project in two of the bedrooms upstairs. I think this will be the topic of my blog entry later today.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you wanted to impress me! I feel so loved.

Anonymous said...

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