30 May 2005

A Change of Plans

So I said I was going to do a little shopping in the comfort of my own home on Saturday. Which I did, but never sent in my orders. Instead after giving it a little thought I took the money and bought Tim the Victorian couch and two matching chairs he's wanted for so long. Even though he was kinda a poop-head this weekend.

I didn't take the camera into the store with us so I don't have any pictures yet. We hope to pick them up Friday or Saturday depending on what the weather is doing. I get pictures as soon as we get them home. They are in beautiful shape. We are soooooo unworthy. I might have to get the cats stuffed so they don't destroy them (just kidding animal lovers).

The couch is going in front of the staircase and the two chairs are going to sit in front of the picture window. I've got my eye out for a little table to sit between the two of them.

They are going to go in our foyer when it is finished. Part of the reason we bought them now is we need to start deciding what we are going to do for wallpaper in that room.

With the rest of the building fund we bought the ceilings and trim boards for the porches, even though we still haven't heard from the carpenter. I think if we don't hear from him by the end of this week we might start looking into other options.


Anonymous said...

You know IKEA has some nice furniture.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read » »

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. »